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Proximity to its management

Company on a human scale

Strong technicality

(The BUs are headed by technical directors)

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SERMA Safety & Security is a unique player in the security and operational safety market. Resulting from the merger of the existing entities SERMA Safety & Security and SERMA NES, the company has more than 200 employees and is involved in the security of information systems, embedded, industrial and IoT.

Joining SERMA Safety & Security means taking part in innovative projects with a strong technical component, in various fields of activity. It also means integrating the SERMA Group and its 1,200 employees, experts in electronic technologies, on-board systems and information systems.

Our Professions

For all these business lines, we are seeking people with a technical engineering background and Project Managers.

Évaluation Sécuritaire Hardware,
Software et Crypto à travers notre laboratoire d’évaluation sécuritaire

  • Possibilité de dédier jusqu’à 30% de son temps à la R&D, d’écrire des articles et de participer à des conférences
  • Multi-projets sur des produits et systèmes différents dans des domaines variés : bancaire, téléphonie mobile, aéronautique, etc.
  • Équipes pluridisciplinaires (crypto/hard/soft) permettant de développer la polyvalence

Consultant in IT & IoT security

  • Whether you have no qualifications or the highest qualifications, everyone can take a chance!
  • Many jobs SOC Analyst, Pentester, GRC Consultant, Cryptanalysis Security Assessment Engineer, Hardware Security Engineer, Solution Integrator Engineer, Risk Analysis Consultant …

  • Our experts are internationally recognised and are part of the global research community

Dependability of Hardware, Software and Systems

  • A variety of career opportunities: technical expertise, management, training
  • The chance to work on a great variety of projects in a range of sectors: automotive, health care, rail, aeronautics, defence, etc.


Young graduate or experienced profile, apply for one of our job offers!

Our teams of Recruitment Officers will process your application as soon as possible.


Since its creation, SERMA Safety & Security has been based on the values ​​that have made it successful:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Respect for its employees and customers
  • Team spirit

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process can be summed up in two words: simplicity and efficiency!

Phone conversation
to confirm the possibility of working together

First face-to-face interview
with a recruitment officer

Technical test
if necessary

Second interview
with an operational staff memeber

That’s it !
After consultation, you will receive our final decision