Strengthen your company’s security by implementing appropriate cyber security solutions!

SERMA Safety and Security’s integration team implements cybersecurity solutions to protect your information systems. Your organisation’s networks and databases can be vulnerable to malicious intrusion. Data theft, malware, phishing, Ddos ransomware are all threats that need to be taken into account when defending your sensitive software and information. So it’s vital to protect yourself against cyber threats. Our security protocol integration service plays a crucial role in the configuration, deployment and management of these security solutions. It provides remediation and hardening to counter sophisticated attacks carried out by hackers. Find out how SERMA Safety and Security works to defend your IT integrity and implements backup solutions tailored to your connected system.

Our global approach to IT security, from detection to protection

Our security experts analyse your infrastructure using vulnerability management. They need to understand the specific IT protection requirements of your organisation and your sensitive data by assessing the threats to which you are exposed. To do this, they carry out information systems security audits (PASSI), architecture audits (On-Premise and Cloud), source code audits and technical systems audits.

They select and offer customised protection solutions. This involves identifying the best responses to provide dedicated IT defence for your infrastructure. Filtering, encryption of your sensitive data, access control, anti-spam or anti-virus, all the measures are studied to protect you from threats to the security of your information systems. All while taking into account your budgetary and operational constraints.

Our advanced protection specialists then move on to the phase of integrating these security systems into your environment. This may include firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and attack prevention systems, antivirus, identity management, and any other appropriate data protection identified during our audit. Your connections will be secure thanks to the effective combination of a web application firewall (WAF) and load balancing to guarantee optimum performance.

In order to guarantee you a defensive IT response, we carry out rigorous tests to check the effectiveness of the protocols we have put in place. We ensure that they are effective in the face of an advanced threat to protect the integrity of your software, terminals and connected objects with Internet access, without affecting the overall performance of your information system.

We offer a complete range of cybersecurity integration services to strengthen your security posture:

Audit, Study and Consulting
  • Conducting architecture and configuration audits
  • Study of your working environment, the protection in place, its weaknesses and cyber threats
  • Proposing customised technical IT protection solutions
  • Technical comparisons and proof of concept (POC)
  • Drafting of synthesis documents
  • Support in evaluating responses to calls for tender (RFT) and requests for proposals (RFP)
Solution integration and technical expertise
  • Design and conception of IT architectures adapted to your customer context, following best security practices.
  • Technical documentation: creation of technical architecture files (DAT), interface files (DI), acceptance files (DR), operating files (DEX), etc.
  • Managing, deploying, migrating and putting into production safety procedures
  • Transfer skills to your teams
  • Specific technical expertise from our security policy specialists
Support et maintenance of your systems
  • Assistance and support for security solutions (DevSecOps)
  • Maintenance of IT networks and security systemsn
  • Technical Assistance Service (TAS)
  • Periodic verification of protection, detection and response systems (Endpoint, XDR, NAC, EDR, EPP, SASE)
  • Technology watch on digital transformations, cyber threats and malware
  • Monitoring developments in protection tools and innovative solutions to hacking attempts


On Premise
  • WAF & Lead Balancing
  • Securing the messaging system
  • Firewalling
  • Proxy
  • Orchestration
  • NAC
  • Networking & SDWAN
  • MFA et SSO
  • SASE
  • Securing the messaging system
  • Firewalling cloud
  • Zero Trust
  • MFA et SSO
  • Mapping
  • Architectural
  • Network partitioning and segmentation
  • Removable media decontamination and data transfer
  • Security supervision
  • Vulnerability management
  • DevSecOps
  • RASP
  • EPP
  • EDR
  • XDR
  • Bastion

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