Presentation of the company

SERMA Safety and Security

SERMA Safety and Security is your single point of contact for the safety and reliability of your products and systems, whether in the fields of IoT, embedded systems, industry or information systems. The company benefits from a unique expertise developed over more than 25 years which enables it to intervene in the entire value chain of your systems: from design to maintenance in operational conditions/equipment supervision.

The security assessment laboratory evaluates more than 200 complex security products annually, ranging from microchips to complete hardware/software systems. It has numerous accreditations (ANSSI, EMVCo, GlobalPlatform, PCI, NIST, …) which allow it to carry out evaluations according to various international, public or private standards. The laboratory is ITSEF approved by the ANSSI.

SERMA Safety and Security consultants specialised in cybersecurity assist designers, integrators and users of systems (embedded, industrial, IoT, IS) in controlling the security of their products, both in terms of their operation and their security with regard to the risks of malicious intent and intrusion. The range of services covers all security needs: Audit, Consulting, GRC, Managed Services, SOC and Solutions Integration. SERMA Safety and Security has hardware and software laboratories at our sites in Rennes / Toulouse and Guyancourt.

The studies carried out by our experts concern systems or software with operating safety constraints. SERMA Safety and Security offers its expertise to manufacturers, contractors and certification authorities who need to develop, validate, approve or certify their systems and software.
This operational safety study process is based on four main points: reliability, availability, maintainability and safety.

200+ employees

All over France
at Paris, Guyancourt, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rennes, Angers, Aix en Provence, La Rochelle, Lyon

25% of the activity dedicated to
Research and Development

30% of turnover
achieved internationally

Our strengths:

  • Laboratories and expertises
  • System approach: software, hardware, network and radio
  • Accreditation of supervisory authorities and certification bodies
  • Mastery of sectoral reference systems
  • Technology and organisational/governance expertise
  • International recognition
  • Independent player
  • Ability to make comprehensive and targeted offers
  • Combined Safety and Dependability Management of complex industrial projects
  • Multi-sectoral feedback
  • Long-term support: from design to certification
  • Mastery and anticipation of the state of the art (R&D culture)
  • Geographic coverage

Our means:

  • Skills: recruitment and internal training
  • R&D strategy and investment
  • Hardware and software laboratories at Rennes, Toulouse and Guyancourt
  • Organisation by competence centre/transverse capitalisation
  • Ethical charter
  • Self-training: training organisation