About us

SERMA Safety and Security

SERMA Safety & Security is the single point of contact for the security and operational safety of products and IoT, industrial systems and information systems. The company benefits from an expertise developed over 20 years in these fields. The offer of a combination of expertise, evaluation and consulting is adapted to the needs of the disigners and users of these different systems.

The security assessment laboratory of SERMA, accredited ITSEF by the ANSSI, evaluates more than 200 complex security products annually, ranging from the electronic chip to the complete hardware / software system. The laboratory is accredited by many organizations (ANSSI, EMVCo, GlobalPlatform, PCI, NIST,…) to carry out these evaluations against many international standards, public or private.

Consultants specialized in cybersecurity support designers, integrators and systems users in mastering the security of their products, both guarantee their operational function and prevent them from malicious acts. The range of services covers all security needs : Audit, Consulting, Managed Services and SOC, Solution Integration and IoT.

SERMA Safety and Security has hardware and software laboratories at our sites in Rennes / Toulouse and Guyancourt.

The studies carried out by the experts relate to systems or softwares having operational reliability constraints. SERMA Safety & Security offers its expertise to manufacturers, contractors and certification authorities who needs to develop, validate, approve or certify their systems and software. This dependability study process is centered around four main study points : the reliabillity study, the availability study, the maintainability study and the safety study.

220 employees

Everywhere in France
 Paris, Guyancourt, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rennes, Angers, Aix en Provence

25% of business activities devoted to Research & Development

30% of revenue from international activities

Our strengths:

  • Independent player
  • Able to put together general and targeted proposals
  • Combined management of Security and Dependability for complex industrial projects
  • Feedback from a diverse range of sectors
  • Long-term support: from design to certification
  • In-depth knowledge of current and future state-of-the-art technology (R&D culture)
  • Geographical coverage

Our resources:

  • Skills: recruitment and in-house training
  • R&D strategy and investment
  • Hardware and software laboratories at our sites in Rennes, Toulouse and Guyancourt.
  • Organisation based on skills hubs / cross-functional capitalisation
  • Ethics Charter