SERMA NES merges with SERMA Safety & Security
Jan 21

SERMA NES merges with
SERMA Safety and Security

After its acquisition by SERMA Safety and Security in September 2018, SERMA NES merges with SERMA Safety and Security

The acquisition made 2 years ago has broadened SERMA Safety and Security’s offer and has positioned the company among the French leaders, expert in the security of information, industrial infrastructures, embedded and IoT systems.

On January 1st, 2021, the two entities merged. This merger is a logical continuation of the initial project to provide all customers with a range of services and expertise encompassing all aspects of product and data security.

The merger between SERMA Safety & Security and SERMA NES and the resulting pooling of skills shall facilitate the management of common projects, the gateways between expertises and the transfer of skills whereas cybersecurity is increasingly involved in industrial and embedded systems.

With its 200 consultants, SERMA Safety and Security offers a unique service integrating Consulting, Expertise, Evaluation, Supervision and Maintenance in security conditions, Training.

The merger will also generate commercial synergies to extend the services offered to the historical customers of the two respective entities:

  • Offer to SERMA Safety and Security’s historical clients a wider range of cybersecurity services,
  • Provide the SERMA NES bank customers with the access to high level security evaluation offers (CESTI).

Finally, the pooling of resources and processes will streamline and simplify the organisation with the objective to better serve the customers (HR, quality, etc.).

Xavier Morin, Managing Director of SERMA Safety and Security, explains: “This merger will not bring any changes for SERMA NES customers, who will continue to be served by their usual contacts. We have taken the time before merging the two entities so that this operation will have very little impact on the existing organisation. ».

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