Our Offers

Security assessment lab

We support our customers on the path to security certification

From initial design to certification, our teams of experts have been supporting our customers for more than 20 years by helping them to secure their products and solutions.

Our laboratory is independent, and not linked to any editor or manufacturer. We belong to a group that is totally independent from the industry.

Our customers are public organisations and private companies – international for the vast majority – working in all sectors where security is a concern.

We offer the following services:


Training: preparation for certification

  • Common Criteria, CSPN
  • Site Audit

Design: Help with product and architecture security

  • Secure coding
  • Hardware

Drafting of documentation: certification assistance

  • Security target, CC documents
  • Product guide
  • Architectural documentation


  • Site audit
  • Preparation for Certification

Expert analyses

Pre-assessment: preparation for certification

  • Pre-certification expert analyses (CSPN, CC, FIPS, PCI, etc.)

Penetration tests

  • Hardware and software (white, grey or black box penetration testing)
  • Resistance tests


  • Code audit
  • Documentation
  • Technical Architecture


  • Cryptanalysis
  • Cryptographic attacks (SideChannel)
  • Protocol evaluation


Site Audit

  • Common Criteria
  • EMVCo

Government scheme

  • CESTI (IT security assessment centre): ANSSI-approved CC
  • NIST-approved FIPS (NVLAP200977-0)

Bank configuration

  • EMVCo, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, GIE-CB

Private configuration

  • Global Platform – SE
  • GSMA
  • MIFARE 3.1 & FeliCa
  • PCI: PCI-PTS, PCI-HSM+, PCI-SPoC (in progress)

Our teams are at your service