Feedback on Collaboration with GSMA
Jan 24

Feedback on Collaboration with GSMA

Interview with Gloria Trujillo, eSIM Technical Director at GSMA

GSMA is a global organization that brings together mobile telecommunications operators and other key players in the mobile industry. Its primary role is to represent and advocate for the interests of mobile operators, promote the growth of the mobile industry, foster collaboration among industry stakeholders, and develop standards for SIM cards, eSIM technologies, 5G mobile networks, and more.

The eSA Scheme ensures the robustness of eUICC hardware and software, a critical element in safeguarding the security of the end customer and the operator. GSMA’s eUICC Security Assurance (eSA) Scheme employs a comprehensive and efficient evaluation approach, ensuring compliance with hardware and software security requirements agreed upon with industry stakeholders, thereby enhancing consumer and industry trust in eUICCs.

The collaboration between GSMA and SERMA Safety and Security has been ongoing since the inception of the eSA Scheme. SERMA Safety and Security, as a qualified SOGIS security laboratory for “smart cards and similar devices,” collaborates with GSMA to maintain high-security standards aligned with GSMA’s efficient evaluation approach within the eSA Scheme.

Gloria Trujullo

eSIM Technical Director, GSMA

My background is as Standards expert and eSIM/SIM software engineer. I have been with GSMA for as long as 9 years. I was brought into GSMA to lead and help the industry creating the eSIM standards

My role currently involves leading the IoT, Security and Compliance eSIM Groups I also manage the eSIM Compliance and eSA Scheme Services

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