Feedback on obtaining payment schemes
Apr 23

Testimony of Christian Damour, Pre-sales Manager Security at Fime.

“Fime helps its customers to create and launch solutions by providing consulting and testing services in the fields of payment, smart mobility, biometrics, authentication and open banking.

Before their products are released, our clients need to obtain various payment scheme certifications and to do so, these products need to pass functional and security tests. It is within the framework of these tests that the partnership between Fime and SERMA Safety and Security started in 2015.

Today, our combined expertise and sales force enable us to win more than ten projects per year, which can last from 2 or 3 months to several years.

We are very happy with our collaboration with the SERMA Safety and Security laboratory, whose expertise allows us to give full satisfaction to our customers. Our partnership will further develop with the evolution of the SERMA Safety and Security laboratory – currently hardware – to a software laboratory.”

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