Cybersecurity for IoT systems : Protect your connected objects

The Internet of Things, otherwise known as the IoT, offers incredible potential for improving our lives. This system enables objects to interfere with each other by means of telecommunications. But we mustn’t neglect the security risks to which it exposes us. Connected objects can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, which can compromise users’ privacy, disrupt services and even have significant physical consequences. As a designer of connected objects, you need to be able to guarantee the security of your users by strengthening your IT security policy. Find out how SERMA can help you protect your production of connected objects from design to deployment.

The IoT: a connected revolution in a fast-growing market

The IoT makes it possible to collect, store, process and retrieve data to improve a service or product. It facilitates interoperability between different systems, devices or technological components so that they can work together seamlessly. The Internet of Things delivers a customised, personalised service thanks to the information collected by its user and stored in its database.

The IoT market is growing exponentially. It is growing by 20% every year, and by 2025 there will be more than 41 billion connected objects in circulation. In the digital age, these information systems are used in a wide range of sectors, including connected healthcare, industry 4.0, home automation, connected vehicles, smart cities, smart homes and many others.

The development of 5G, as a productivity issue, will help to accelerate the use of connected objects.

The security challenges of the IoT or how to protect data in a connected world.

But while they assist us on a daily basis, their security policy can be vulnerable. According to a study by our partner Palo Alto Networks, almost 98% of IoT traffic in the business environment is not encrypted. Many connected objects have weak passwords or passwords from the manufacturer, which increases the cyber threat. Added to this is the lack of interest on the part of engineers and manufacturers in taking security into account when designing products, the obsolescence of software and the difficulty of updating it. All these system flaws are threats, weakening the security posture and certainly weakening data protection.

If one of the protocols is compromised, this leaves the door open to hackers. It is, therefore, essential for integrators to consider the risks faced by users in order to ensure the reliable operation of IoT, data protection, and the security of their software from the outset.

SERMA Safety and Security supports you in the design and security of IoT products. Here is our expertise as a specialist in computer security:

  • Securing personal data collected by IoT (privacy by design),
  • Integrating the concept of security from the design and development phase (secure by design),
  • Ensuring your security posture with your clients and users,
  • Testing and evaluating product security through our specialized cybersecurity laboratories,
  • Accelerating market entry by verifying that the security level aligns with the relevant standards (ISO/IEC 27005, ISO 62443).

SERMA Safety and Security supports you in testing the cybersecurity of IoT, IIoT, industrial computers, and other electronic equipment systems.


  • Identification of assets and mapping of security measures
  • Governance documentation (plan, policy, process, methodology)
  • Security risk analysis (EBIOS, TARA, TVRA)
  • Security by design and defence in depth (sensor, equipment, gateway, cloud, IS)
  • Security specifications and development assistance
  • Security insurance
  • Vulnerability management


  • Organisational and physical audit
  • Architecture audit (sensor, equipment, gateway, cloud, IS)
  • Source code audit
  • Audit, support and monitoring of suppliers
  • Technical system audit and product assessment
  • Pentesting or intrusion testing for IoT systems (from the sensor to the information system).

Sensibilisations / Training

  • Training of security embeeded systems
  • Secure architecture and software encryption
  • Security of embedded and IoT systems

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