GRC: How effective is your information system security in the face of cyber threats to your organization?

GRC is an integrated approach to managing Governance, Risk and Compliance to ensure the security of corporate data and IT systems. In an ever-changing digital world, ensuring the preservation of devices has become an absolute priority for companies. The dangers of cyber attacks are omnipresent, and the consequences of a malicious intrusion into your IT infrastructure can be devastating. That’s why it’s essential to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity governance, risk management and compliance. SERMA Safety and Security guides you in this strategic approach.

Governance in cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity governance involves putting in place policies, procedures and organizational structures to guarantee the security of information systems. Our team of experts can help you develop a solid governance strategy tailored to your company. We help you define clear rules, establish responsibilities and set up effective supervision processes to ensure optimum protection of your sensitive data.

Risk management:

Cybersecurity risk management involves identifying, assessing and mitigating the potential risks associated with your company’s digital activities. Our experts carry out in-depth security audits to map vulnerabilities and potential threats. They gauge and diagnose the level of IT maturity using advanced risk assessment techniques. We help you implement proactive protection measures and draw up action plans to respond to security incidents.

Cybersecurity compliance:

Cybersecurity compliance means complying with information security standards, regulations and legal requirements. Our team guides you in compliance with current laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), benchmarks or security standards specific to your business sector. We help you implement regulatory policies and practices, and conduct regular assessments to ensure a high level of compliance and data preservation.

SERMA Safety and Security’s GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) activities are designed to meet your risk-management needs and take a comprehensive approach to IT security.

Thanks to our expertise and skills acquired over more than 25 years, SERMA Safety and Security is the only company to adopt a 360° vision to ensure the safety of your systems and infrastructures. All the issues of prevention, detection, protection and remediation are thus addressed.

GRC is the backbone of information systems security. It initiates and prioritizes your actions to be the most efficient in risk management.


Based on the understanding of business processes, SERMA Safety and Security supports you in your safety issues:

  • Safety level assessment and diagnosis,
  • Compliance audit against existing security standards,
  • Analysis of major operational risks,
  • Implementation of a security action plan for information systems (PASF), administrative security measures (GRC) and proposals for technical measures (audit, integration of solutions and SOC).
  • Process implementation: business continuity plan (BCP), crisis management, operational strategy
  • Implementation of and compliance with GRC ISO 27002 standards

At the same time, SERMA Safety and Security offers support, framework installation, cybersecurity governance and awareness-raising tailored to your company.

Our support helps you cope with the uncertainty of potential attacks, act with integrity and achieve your security objectives reliably, with a risk-aware culture.

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