Security audit: is your information system effectively defended against intrusions?

In an increasingly complex digital landscape, cybersecurity is a major concern for companies and their IT systems. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated. So it’s crucial to take proactive steps to secure your sensitive data. Is your digital infrastructure protected against malicious intrusion? Would you like to take stock of the health of your network and its vulnerable zones? SERMA Safety & Security’s IT security audit service offers you its expertise for an in-depth assessment of your information system’s defenses.

The 3 essential phases of an IT security audit

In-depth analysis and evaluation audit

Our team of cybersecurity experts specializes in risk management and analysis. We carry out a complete audit of your IT system to identify strategic issues. We take a detailed look at your network and physical infrastructure, systems, applications and security policies. Our methodical approach detects vulnerabilities while measuring the effectiveness of your existing protection measures.

Identification of threats and risks

Once the vulnerabilities have been detected, our auditors focus on identifying the threats to which your system is exposed. We analyze current trends in cyberattacks, the maturity of your protection and the weaknesses of your software and network. All the while taking into account the risks specific to your business sector. This audit details the recommendations to be implemented to mitigate vulnerabilities and reinforce your overall security posture in the event of a cyber attack.

Recommandations and action plan

We draw on our expertise in IT security to inspect your entire system. Our full audit report includes our observations, security policy recommendations and an action plan to help your system counter hacker attacks. SERMA Safe and Security recommendations are personalised. They are tailored to your security needs and are designed to strengthen your protection and guarantee the integrity of your systems.

Our auditors are on hand to provide you with practical solutions for securing your confidential data and reducing the risk of intrusion on your servers. We can help you implement the necessary corrective measures.

Our PASSI RGS-certified experts thwart hacker attacks by detecting all the weaknesses that allow cyber attackers to penetrate your information system.

Their objective? Put in place an action plan to counter attackers and discover your security holes before they are exploited by hackers!

Our engineers assess risks and identify vulnerabilities using existing OWASP top 10 benchmarks. This repository lists the 10 most critical and common vulnerabilities in web applications. It provides you with a list of recommendations (PASSI* and CVSS) to raise your level of security, through various audit programmes.

What are the objectives of an IT security audit?

  • Carry out an accurate and up-to-date mapping of your environment (software components, hardware, physical and network infrastructure)
  • Anticipate a potential attack and prevent the loss of sensitive data
  • Identify actual vulnerabilities and your level of exposure to risks on the information system or product.
  • Improve the effectiveness of existing protection solutions (firewall, proxy, IPS, WAF, VPN, SSL and PKI)
  • Challenge the implementation of your ISSP (information system security policy) and your existing service providers/partners: integrators, outsourcers/hosters, SOC and operators
  • Increase your overall level of safety through regular site surveys
  • Test realistic cyber-attack scenarios (Red Team missions, phishing campaign and intrusion test)
  • Optimum safety control of your facilities
  • Intrusion tests: internal and external (Web, workstations, applications, mobile, Wifi, Bluetooth),
  • Configuration, code and architecture audits (one-premise and Cloud),
  • Red Team with definition of attack scenarios to test the security of the I.S. in “real” conditions,
  • Forensic analysis: real-time, hot or cold investigations,
  • Phishing campaigns,
  • Vulnerability analysis,
  • Remediation,
  • PASSI RGS qualified audits (penetration tests, configuration, architecture and source code audits) since 2017.
  • Updating IT security policies and standards

SERMA Safety & Security’s expertise for your IT security

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