Cyber security for embedded systems: protect your embedded computers

The security of on-board information systems is a major challenge. These autonomous devices are part of our daily lives. They use insecure telecommunications all the time, making their interface vulnerable to cyber attacks. To ensure the preservation of your intelligent devices, it is necessary to offer a reinforced defence aimed at guaranteeing their confidentiality, the integrity of their operation and the availability of their integrated computer data. SERMA Safety and Security supports you in the cyber defence of on-board systems.

The know-how of our IT security experts to protect your embedded systems


  • Governance documentation (plan, policy, process, methodology) according to IS0 27XXX, IEC 62 443
  • Compliance and conformity applicable to the environment of embedded systems
  • Technology watch and security risk analysis (EBIOS, TARA, TVRA, ISO 21434, IEC 62443)
  • Gap analysis
  • Definition of security target
  • Security by design and defence in depth
  • Security specifications and development assistance
  • Safety assurance (ISO, IEC, common criteria)
  • Vulnerability and threat management
  • Support for security accreditation (CSPN, standard certification, etc.)


  • Organisational and physical audit
  • Compliance audit (ISO, IEC, NIST, ..) & CSPN audit
  • Architecture audit (ANSSI, IEC 62 443)
  • Source code audit
  • Audit, support and monitoring of suppliers (ISO, IEC)
  • Technical system audit & product evaluation (SW, HW, telecom)
  • Pentesting (penetration testing) for integrated systems and products
  • Hardware penetration test

Sensibilisations / Training

  • Training of security embeeded systems
  • ISA / IEC 62 443 & ISO 27001/5 standard
  • Secure architecture and software encryption
  • Security of embeeded and IoT systems
  • First-level security certification CSPN

SERMA Safety and Security has specialised in cyber defence for over 30 years. Our security consultants can help you safeguard your embedded environments.

The rise of connected devices and the Internet of Things

With the development of electronics, embedded computing is omnipresent in our connected objects, particularly in personal, medical and industrial equipment. They are used in robotics, aeronautics, surveillance solutions and network devices. They integrate specific hardware and software components to perform specific tasks within other devices, machines or more complex infrastructures.

The proliferation of embedded solutions brings many benefits, but it also exposes users to potential vulnerabilities, particularly in industry. The embedded systems powering these devices are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks because of their limited protection and lack of interface updates. Malicious attacks can compromise the confidentiality of their data, disrupt information processing and even cause physical damage.

It is essential to ensure that the Internet of Things has a policy of enhanced security against intrusions in both hardware and software. As these devices are increasingly connected to networks and connections with little or no security, they are constantly operating in an environment that makes them vulnerable to remote attacks. The flaws in their infrastructure are exploited by hackers to compromise the entire system and affect the integrity of the data being handled.

The essential steps for securing your on-board systems

To meet the challenge of securing your on-board systems, SERMA Safety and Security integrators have set up an efficient protocol covering a number of stages:

  • identify the security challenges for on-board devices against operational threats,
  • installing complex defence systems to protect vulnerable infrastructures from security issues,
  • study and define the appropriate level of security with a view to certification,
  • apply a comprehensive approach to protection, from the electronic board right through to the heart of the system and its processors.

Optimising your protection helps to counter physical and virtual attacks on embedded systems. You’ll avoid having to compromise the protection of your working environment and your functional data. Your confidentiality is guaranteed, as is the integrity and availability of your connected objects. Ensuring the preservation of on-board information systems will guarantee your digital security.

SERMA Safety and Security is made up of a team of trained and qualified engineers, operational safety project managers and designers specialising in operational safety. They all work every day to develop systems that protect your embedded applications.

SERMA Safety and Security puts its expertise at your service and accompanies you in your large-scale projects and in the realisation of services with high added value.

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