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Operational safety of industrial systems

Industrial systems contribute to the performance of a company, it is more than important to ensure their perfect availability/security.

Industrial systems are an important part of a company’s performance criteria.

Any malfunction, disruption or stoppage of this industrial system will affect the profitability but also the image of the company.

These industrial systems are becoming increasingly complex. They integrate all types of technologies, implement processes adapted to the potential risks identified and must adapt to changes while guaranteeing availability and security.

Their vulnerabilities may expose them to significant physical, environmental and/or financial consequences.

In addition, new regulations or standards require the implementation of specific processes for the development of critical systems. For example, the ISO 26262 standard for the automotive sector requires the implementation of risk-adapted processes (ASIL) for the production of equipment with safety functions.

Our added value is to provide our expertise to improve the availability or security of your industrial systems.


  • Creation and development of a generic and context-sensitive methodology for studying the availability of rail transport systems
  • Support for the implementation of a production process adapted to the requirements of the ISO 26262 automotive standard
  • Carrying out Process FMEA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis) in order to identify possible weak points in the manufacturing process of a security system

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