SERMA Safety and Security and LCIE Bureau Veritas combine their expertise to facilitate IEC 62443 certification for industrial companies.
Jul 24

The IEC 62443 standard is a global benchmark in industrial cybersecurity, establishing guidelines and requirements for securing networks and systems used in industrial environments. However, drafting and submitting a certification dossier that complies with this standard can be complex and tedious for many companies.

This is where our partnership with LCIE Bureau Veritas comes into play. As a leading certification body, LCIE Bureau Veritas, a global leader in IECEE IEC 62443 certification, is renowned for its technical expertise and rigorous evaluation of compliance with international standards. Through this collaboration, SERMA Safety and Security offers its clients comprehensive assistance in the IEC 62443 certification process.

Our collaboration helps to facilitate and expedite the evaluation and certification process. SERMA Safety and Security supports companies in drafting their dossiers, providing personalized advice and solutions tailored to their specific needs. Once the dossier is ready, LCIE Bureau Veritas handles the drafting and issuance of the formal report, thereby ensuring the industrial companies obtain IEC 62443 certification.

This partnership strengthens our position as a leader in industrial cybersecurity, allowing us to offer our clients a complete service, from initial support to final certification. We are proud to assure our clients that their systems and data are protected in accordance with the highest cybersecurity standards.

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