PASSI LPM Qualification
Jul 24

Qualified PASSI LPM, SERMA Safety and Security joins the select circle of companies authorized to audit Vital Operators (OIVs).

SERMA Safety and Security is recognized by the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) as a trusted provider to conduct IT security audits on any sensitive information system of a state public body or essential French services.

The PASSI LPM qualification allows SERMA Safety and Security to conduct cybersecurity audits on the IT systems of Vital Operators (OIVs) as defined under the Military Planning Law (LPM), regardless of the sector concerned (National Defense, Energy, Finance…).


OIVs are required to enlist a qualified PASSI LPM provider to secure their information systems. The main challenge is to ensure the continuity of activities identified as vital for the proper functioning of the nation.


This security VISA issued by ANSSI attests to our skills and expertise as auditors, as well as the care we take with the confidentiality of sensitive data during our services to clients. This recognition highlights our constant commitment to excellence and strengthens our position as experts in the field of cybersecurity.


Would you like to conduct a PASSI LPM audit?

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