The ITSEF (Information Technology Security Evaluation Facility) is a protected area with restricted access in which we carry out attacks on secure components or systems.  All the benches were fully developed in-house by our experts and are continually upgraded to ensure they comply with the latest standards.

For more than 20 years, we have had access to cutting edge resources that are permanently upgraded, which means that all our expert analyses and evaluations are performed to the highest technical standards.

To ensure we deliver to our customers on time, we have the option of performing tests in parallel: all our test benches have been duplicated and automated and operate continuously. Our resources include:


  • More than fifteen laser fault injection benches. The technologies used are varied and complementary and enable us to deal with the full range of configurations in the field of fault injection (light, electrical and electromagnetic, both temporal and spatial)
  • Listening stations, which allow us to carry out attacks via hidden channels as well as invasive attacks via micro-probing and FIB modifications directly in the microprocessor core

The ITSEF is an independent service provider approved by the ANSSI. It is obliged to comply with the French certification system, which provides for two types of evaluation:

  • Product conformance with a set of Common Criteria (CC)
  • First-level security certification (CSPN in French)

ITSEF is a partner of FIME: