The ITSEF of SERMA has obtained GlobalPlatform accreditation
Oct 19

The ITSEF of SERMA, one of the most important French laboratories, has obtained GlobalPlatform accreditation.

SERMA’s ITSEF, which has been recognized for more than 20 years in the field of IT security assessment, has been awarded GlobalPlatform accreditation.

GlobalPlatform is a non-profit organization recognized as the international standard in the assessment of the security of digital services and devices, such as connected cars, set-top boxes, smart cards, smartphones, tablets, portable devices…

Device manufacturers that use GlobalPlatform certified secure components can proactively market their products because they meet the functional and security needs of digital service providers. They can effectively demonstrate that their digital service management capabilities are interoperable and meet the security requirements set by the industry.

CESTI microscope electronique

Service providers recognize this level of assurance, which allows them to select a product that meets their security and privacy needs. To obtain certification, a product must be submitted to GlobalPlatform accredited laboratory and successfully pass multiple tests that meet the criteria for safety assessment and / or functional testing.

The ITSEF of SERMA, accredited by the ANSSI for the realization of Common Criteria safety assessments for over 20 years, with the technical expertise and professionalism of its employees, has been able to showcase its skills and recognized experience in banking, transportation, automotive, industry (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Certify, FIPS, EMVCO, MIFARE)…

This new brand of truest granted by GlobalPlatform now complements the long list of accreditations and approvals held by laboratory.

SERMA Safety and Security is GlobalPlatform Certified
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