Sucess stories on safety project of WATTALPS
Apr 22

Interview with Matthieu Desbois-Renaudin, president and co-founder of WATTALPS.

WATTALPS has been cooperating with SERMA Safety and Security since 2018. SERMA Safety and Security is responsible for the safety assessment of the WATTALPS battery management system.

This system ensures the safety of the battery in all circumstances. SERMA assesses the material metrics of the battery management system according to the ISO 26262 standard. This multi-party standard defines the requirements and provides guidelines to ensure the functional safety of systems installed in road vehicles).

This analysis consists of evaluating, all possible hazards, defects and consequences for each of the 770 system components and on-board equipments.

This collaboration has enabled WATTALPS to demonstrate that the achievable safety level is ASIL C and thus to develop a highly reliable battery management system capable of meeting the highest market requirements.

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