SERMA Security Lab joins the GSMA community
Oct 20

SERMA’s safety laboratory, recognized for over 20 years in the field of evaluation, has become a memeber of the GSMA.

An association that represents mobile network operators, mobile phone manufacturers, providers of the mobile and digital ecosystem in 220 countries around the world. Their unique and unmatched position facilitates and enables members to work towards common goals around hot topics such as 5G, RCS, IoT, roaming, security and SIM technology.

SERMA Safety & Security works with manufactures and developers in the IT and communications industries. It help improve the competitiveness and cybersecurity of products, components and systems.

Joining the GSMA is the opportunity for SERMA Safety & Security to carry out security assessments of SIM cards and mobile applications. The security laboratory already provides security expertise and functional compliance for smart cards and mobile security éléments, combined Common Criteria and EMVCo for integrated circuits and platforms, as well as security.

SERMA Safety & Security, 1st independent laboratory for the evaluation of products according to the common criteria standard, has decided to join the GSMA to participate in its safety assurance services.

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