The company

SERMA SAFETY & SECURITY is the unique interface for your projects with products and systems concerned by Safety or Security. SERMA experts help you and provide solutions to secure your assets, whether it consists in preventing dysfunctional cases than malicious threats. As such, S3 main purpose is to make Safety – Security synergy concrete, efficient and easy to perform.

The company provides support to every sector and application cases for which data confidentiality, assets protection, service security, service availability & integrity, operations safety, etc. are of prime importance. Typical applications as embedded and connected systems, product and industrial security, internet of things, information systems are the kind of subjects that SERMA experts are accustomed to manage.

SERMA’s offer is organized with the following activities:

  • Security formal evaluation, provided by the ITSEF (Information technology Security Evaluation Facility), a laboratory licensed by the French ANSSI security agency;
  • Security expertize and consulting;
  • Safety expertize and consulting.

SERMA SAFETY AND SECURITY is a French company created in 2015, fully owned by SERMA Group.

The management of this new structure is entrusted to Olivier DUCHMANN who is also Chief Strategy Officer of SERMA Group.

SERMA is a recognized actor in digital security: the Information technology Security Evaluation Facility (ITSEF) was established in 1998. With over 40 engineers, the lab performs around 200 security assessments (from an electronic chip to the complete system) per year. SERMA is one of the 3 hardware ITSEFs accredited by the French body, and is the only laboratory acting as an independent private company. It generates more than 50% of its business internationally and shows for years a growth of 25% per year.

SERMA also develops for several years, a specialized consulting activity, and provides supports to its customers, developers and users of embedded systems. This support aims at mastering the security and dependability of their connected products and systems, either in operation or in their design, development or production.


Our differentiating factors consist of the mastery of safety and dependability ‘from the chip to the system’ covering all components ‘hardware’, ‘software’ and ‘information systems’.

SERMA SAFETY & SECURITY receives benefits from the entire Group’s expertize, whether in microelectronics, or in the mastery of technologies, or in engineering of embedded systems.

With more than 700 multi-sector industrial customers, SERMA is an expert in innovative electronic technologies.

As a permanent watcher of the state of the art regarding the attacks, SERMA SAFETY & SECURITY develops its unique platform of security services for industrials, to help them secure their standing, resources, systems  and products.