Assistance with schemes and standards / Pre-assessment

We may check together the applicable or usable standards:

  • ISO / IEC (27001/27002/27005 for SMSI/SSI/Risk Assessment, and 15408 for Common Criteria)
  • ANSSI (EBIOS 2010 for the risks, “CSPN” for a certification prepared in restricted time, “RGS”, “Guide d’homologation en 9 étapes simples” …)
  • NIST (FIPS 140-2 for products with a cryptographic component)
  • ITIL (set of standards for Information Technologies infrastructures)
  • Banking (PCI-DSS, EMVCo, CAST, VCSP, AMEX, JCB, Discover)

For each applicable standard, we may analyze the requirements to implement.