Government Entities and Identity

Many States, especially those in the European Union, have now integrated electronic chips and biometric systems into their citizens’ passports in order to overcome the problem of forgery.

SERMA Safety & Security evaluates the security of these chips in its laboratories.


“The use of these new, state-of-the-art cryptographic protocols led us to believe that electronic passports had become fully secure. Unfortunately, electronic passports still have security issues, particularly as regards management of the keys used for data access, independently of the cryptographic protocols used.” Patrick Lacharme, Sécurité du passeport électronique: 10 ans après son lancement, quelles leçons en tirer ? (Security of electronic passports: 10 years on, what’s the verdict?), 8th Conference on Network and Information Systems Security (SAR-SSI), 2013, Mont de Marsan – Landes, France. 2013

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