Aeronautics, Space And Defence

The aeronautical and defence sectors are particularly exposed to cyber risks, given the connectivity and digital transformation that are an integral part of their development and production environment, along with the complexity of their industrial organisation.

These are sectors based on excellence, in which a long chain of players (manufacturers, service providers, suppliers, sub-contractors, etc.) require the most up-to-date technology in terms of security and dependability.

SERMA Safety & Security provides support to help them secure their products and related data.


“The strategy adopted needs to be comprehensive: the prevention measures (safety, security, defence, cybersecurity, cyberdefence) must be applied on the ground and in space for all the assets mentioned.” Dr Isabelle Tisserand, Vice Chair of the cybersecurity department of 3i3s, an independent global institute for Satellite and Space Solutions, experts in the fields of security and defence.

Aircraft factory assembly line