Software Dependability and Software Quality

The major part of the software in embedded systems requires the implementation of a controlled development process, architecture and design tailored to safety targets or quality objectives.

In addition, demonstration of methods and techniques based on these objectives must be performed.

SERMA SAFETY & SECURITY experts provide their expertise on this topic throughout your developments:

  • Support on software development process
  • Definition of safety objectives (SIL, Software Safety constraints)
  • Implementation of software safety activities
    • Audit of software development process
    • Development cycle documentation analysis
    • Monitoring of safety requirements (traceability, relevance)
    • Models checking (Model Based Design, formal / semi formal methods)
    • Analysis of software architectures
    • Critical Code Review (LCC)
    • Software dysfunctional study (Software FMEA, AEEL)
    • Tests cases reviews
    • Drafting of tools qualification report
    • Preparation of the software safety plan and safety case
  • Verification and/or validation of the developments (checking source code, static code analysis, document analysis, etc.)
  • Definition and implementation of Software tests (unit tests, integration tests, validation tests)

SERMA SAFETY & SECURITY performs software quality activities in connection or not with safety standards :

  • Definition of the development process (organization, process, choice of tools, techniques, tests)
  • Drafting of Software Quality Plan
  • Drafting of Templates related to your needs
  • Development of audit questionnaires
  • Supplier Monitoring provider