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The environment is shifting and businesses are required to invest in security solutions. Yet security must be an integral part of a risk management strategy, without which the company remains vulnerable to potential attacks.

SERMA Safety & Security provides support when you define your security strategies and procedures, and continues to assist you when you implement, manage and maintain them.

In parallel, the general regulations regarding data protection require businesses to review their current processes and documentation, with the goal of integrating the notions of security and privacy from the earliest project phases.

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Governance in IT security

Security governance is the foundation of all the basic elements related to cyberdefence and effective risk management.  Efficient governance ensures that risk assessment is taken into account in management decisions as well as IS architecture, security policies, procedures and operational practices.

The role of governance in data protection

Companies require robust, structured governance in order to make their data more secure and ensure that their information systems are in compliance. The data contained in information systems are a precious resource which can boost a company’s success, but they can also represent a source of danger.  Information security management is essential to ensure your data remain available, accurate and confidential.