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An evaluation is an expert assessment backed up by analyses and/or tests conducted in a laboratory. It is usually carried out by comparison with a public or private industrial standard which acts as a procedural baseline, and may give rise to the awarding of a certificate materialising company accreditations.

SERMA Safety & Security carries out evaluations in the fields of security and dependability.


S3 hosts a ITSEF (Information Technology Security Evaluation Facility), an independent service provider approved by the ANSSI (French service in charge of computer security) and various certification schemes including banking schemes. Once the evaluation has been completed, the certificate is issued by the appropriate authority.

The ITSEF hosted by SERMA is accredited in the following fields:

  • Hardware components: CPU and microcontrollers, USB tokens, safety modules, etc.
  • Onboard software (Native Card and Java Card): banking, identity, transport, mobile phones, pay-per-view TV, OSs, etc.