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Safety of embedded systems

In recent years, the number of embedded systems designed for a range of critical applications (braking systems, railway signalling controls, medical devices, etc.) has grown significantly. If these embedded systems fail, the consequences can be potentially catastrophic (train crashes, loss of control of a vehicle, death of a patient, and so on). Depending on the risk level, these systems based on electronic and software technologies, must meet a set of requirements (with varying constraints) specific to each industrial sector.

Secure embedded systems in all applications – from electric bikes to aeronautical computers

Our added value is to provide support that is tailored to the risk level, the application and the constraints of our customers.


  • Audit for the implementation of an ISO26262 development process for an innovative driver assistance system
  • Safety study on a train driver vigilance device (EN 50129)
  • Software Dependability studies for a medical device to help wounds heal faster (IEC 62304)
  • Support and studies of the safety functions of a variable frequency drive (IEC 61508)
  • Safety review of the development of the programmable components (FPGA) used in a software application for controlling a train traction control system (EN 50129)
  • Support for the production of an LED lighting system meeting the ISO 26262 standard, designed for the rear lights of a vehicle

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