Our Offers

Managed services

Improve the availability of your security ecosystem and ensure the business continuity of your security

SERMA offers you managed services that provide through-life support for your ISS, via: 

  • Custom monitoring of the availability of your equipment
  • Incident management with a 15-minute guaranteed response time and immediate action
  • Configuration changes, so that your teams no longer have to perform recurring tasks

With SERMA, take advantage of our expertise to manage your interconnections and software upgrades for your equipment

Network & Security Supervision

  • Alert reporting
  • Communication
  • Ticket creation

Change management

  • Creation
  • Validation
  • Production

Incident management

  • Support
  • Qualification
  • Processing

Problem management

  • Remediation plan
  • Action monitoring committee

Management of maintenance and licenses

  • Deadline tracking
  • Renewal actions

Patch management

  • Industry watch (manufacturer)
  • Performance of upgrade operations

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