Our Offers

Cybersecurity of IoT systems

SERMA supports you in testing the cybersecurity of IoT, IIoT or industrial computers and electronic equipment in general.


  • Identification of assets and mapping of security measures
  • Governance documentation (plan, policy, process, methodology)
  • Security risk analysis (EBIOS, TARA, TVRA)
  • Security by design and defence in depth (sensor, equipment, gateway, cloud, IS)
  • Security specifications and development assistance
  • Security insurance
  • Vulnerability management


  • Organisational and physical audit
  • Architecture audit (sensor, equipment, gateway, cloud, IS)
  • Source code audit
  • Audit, support and monitoring of suppliers
  • Technical system audit and product assessment
  • Pentest for IoT systems (from sensor to information system)

Sensibilisations / Training

  • Training of security embeeded systems
  • Secure architecture and software encryption
  • Security of embedded and IoT systems

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