IoT systems

The IoT is an extension of the Internet allowing access to physical systems and not just web pages. The IoT makes it possible to collect, store, process and retrieve data to improve a service or a product. This makes it possible to “tailor” and deliver a personalised service thanks to the data collected.

The IoT market is growing exponentially. It is growing by 20% each year and by 2025 will represent more than 41 billion connected objects in circulation. The development of 5G, which represents a productivity challenge, will also accelerate the use of connected objects. Today, IoT technology is used in many sectors such as connected health, industry 4.0, connected transport, smart cities and many others. According to a study by our partner Palo Alto Networks, almost 98% of IoT traffic in business environments is not encrypted and many connected objects have weak passwords or manufacturer passwords. If we add the lack of consideration for security in the design of products, the obsolescence of OSes or the difficulty of updates, this leaves many doors open to hackers.

SERMA Safety and Security supports designers of IoT products in:

  • protect the personal data they collect (privacy by design);
  • take into account the notion of security from the design phase (secure by design);
  • test and evaluate the security of their products through our specialised cybersecurity laboratories;
  • accelerate their insertion on the market by verifying that their security level is in line with the standards relevant to their market (ISO/IEC 27005, ISO 62443 standards).


Definition and evaluation of your security level to have a certification
Identification and reduction of threats to information, embedded, IoT and industrial systems.
Ensuring the safe operation of a critical system.

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