Information systems


Step by step, we build effective security defences with you

Assessment, verification and validation of your security level

Setting up governance, solutions, audits and an SOC adapted to your security objectives and structure

SERMA covers the full spectrum of cybersecurity: from attack to defence and the implementation of solutions. 

Ensuring the security of information systems is becoming increasingly important within organisations, especially since the health crisis which began in early 2020. It is important to ensure that information systems are secured from the design stage, through implementation and governance, right down to the in-service monitoring phase.

The opening up of these information systems to the company’s users, partners and service providers exposes them to new threats. Similarly, collaborative tools, nomadic computing and SaaS allow users not only to access the resources but also to transfer part of the information system outside the secure infrastructure of the company.

These new landscapes and ecosystems pose challenges in terms of security, making the support of experts vital.

It is essential for businesses to:

  • Know their information system resources and define the sensitive areas to be protected, in order to ensure those resources are used in a controlled, well-reasoned manner.
  • Implement strategic plans, road maps, approaches and measures to assess the risks and define the security objectives to be achieved using state-of-the-art methodologies such as EBIOS Risk Manager.
  • Monitor the security of these sensitive areas in a suitable and regular manner by combining approaches at the infrastructure, application and functional levels.
  • Supervise the security of critical assets through adapted and actionable services through an SOC or managed services.

This process takes place over the long term and incorporates technical, organisational, legal and human means.

SERMA makes its expertise available to you and supports you in your large-scale projects and in the performance of high added value services.

SERMA provides support to companies of all sizes, in all sectors, to guarantee the security of information systems.

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