Information systems

SERMA Safety and Security covers the entire spectrum of cybersecurity: from attack to defence, the implementation of security solutions and security monitoring.

The security of information systems has become an important issue within organisations and even more so since the use of teleworking. It is essential to ensure that information systems are secure from the design phase through implementation and governance to monitoring their operation.

The opening of information systems to users, partners and service providers of the company exposes them to new threats. Similarly, collaborative tools, nomadism, the cloud and SaaS allow users not only to access resources but also to transport part of the information system outside the company’s secure infrastructure.
These new landscapes and ecosystems present security challenges for which expert support is essential.

It is essential for companies to:

  • know their information system resources and to define the sensitive perimeters to be protected in order to guarantee a controlled and reasoned exploitation of these resources through our audit campaigns;
  • set up strategic plans, roadmaps, approaches and measures to assess risks and define the security objectives to be achieved using state-of-the-art methodologies such as EBIOS Risk Manager, ISO 27XXX…;
  • implement security solutions adapted to their information systems in the interest of protecting infrastructures and on premise or cloud environments, data and applications, terminals and access to company resources through different approaches (micro-segmentation, Zero Trust, SASE, IAM, Bastion, MFA…);
  • oversee the security of critical assets using Managed EDR or Managed Security Equipment solutions. This can be extended to advanced security services through the establishment of a Security Operation Centre (SOC).

SERMA Safety and Security puts its expertise at your service and accompanies you in your large-scale projects and in the realisation of services with high added value.


Definition and evaluation of your security level to have a certification
Identification and reduction of threats to information, embedded, IoT and industrial systems.

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