Industrial systems

The security of industrial systems is a 21st century issue.

Industrial systems and installations are increasingly open to the outside world. The interconnection of office and computer networks, ERP systems and the proliferation of remote controls are opening doors to cyber-malware.

We hear about Industry 4.0 with 5G in particular, and yet most French industrial sites were created several decades ago, at a time when the Internet did not yet exist. Industrial systems are relatively old:

  • they use old equipment that is difficult to patch;
  • they use communication protocols that are not or poorly documented;
  • they are integrated into a production system that, in most cases, cannot be stopped without significant financial and operational consequences;
  • asset mapping and equipment tracking is at best not done and at worst not feasible.

SERMA Group, an expertise, consulting and testing company for electronic technologies, embedded systems and information systems, has been working for more than 30 years with numerous industrial clients.

SERMA Safety and Security, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SERMA Group, assists manufacturers in setting up the necessary level of security to face potential cyber attacks. Our offer is in line with market standards, including IEC 62443, a key standard in industrial cybersecurity which enables the convergence of information systems security (ISO27XXX) and industrial security.


Definition and evaluation of your security level to have a certification
Identification and reduction of threats to information, embedded, IoT and industrial systems.
Ensuring the safe operation of a critical system.

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