HR Culture

S3:  What does it mean?

S= SERMA Safety and Security, known as “S cubed”.

Since its creation, S3 has built its success on a set of core values:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Respect for personnel and customers
  • Team spirit

Being part of S3 means playing a role in innovative projects with a strong technical element, in a variety of sectors. It also means being a member of SERMA Group, a major player in the world of services for technology and electronics, with 950 employees based in France and worldwide.


Whether you’re a young graduate or have years of experience, reply to one of our job offers!

Our recruitment officers,  Camille FERRAGUTI  and Laure LE GOFF, will process your application as quickly as possible.


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The benefits of being part of the S3 team?


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Being part of the S3 team means:

  • Proximity management
  • A wide variety of technical assignments and exciting career opportunities
  • An advantageous social status
  • An impressive training plan
  • Active listening from HR teams

Just ask our ambassadors!

Our Professions

For all these business lines, we are seeking people with a technical engineering background and Project Managers.

Hardware, Software and Crypto Security Evaluation
through our ITSEF

Why join the ITSEF?


  • For Engineers: the chance to spend up to 30% of your time on R&D, write articles and take part in conferences
  • The opportunity to work on diverse projects involving different products and systems in a range of sectors: banking, mobile phones, aeronautics, etc.
  • The chance to be part of a cross-functional team (crypto/hard/soft) and develop a range of skills

Consultant in IT & IoT security

Why join the security consultancy team?


  • Whether you have no qualifications or the highest qualifications, everyone can take a chance!
  • Our experts are internationally recognised and are part of the global research community: BLACK HAT, Hack In The Box, CansecWest, NullCon, Bruxcon, etc. and you too if you join us!

Dependability of Hardware,
Software and Systems

Join our team of Dependability experts and take advantage of:


  • A variety of career opportunities: technical expertise, management, training
  • The chance to work on a great variety of projects in a range of sectors: automotive, health care, rail, aeronautics, defence, etc.